29 November, 2010

Our Observatory

A long time ago in a classroom far, far away . . .

A group of children were learning about what is beyond the Earth.

To introduce this idea, I would love to have a star gazing night, when parents and children could meet me out in a field somewhere and look at the stars.  It would be chilly for sure, but in my little Utopia, we could all gather together somewhere cozy afterwards, and enjoy some hot chocolate.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  Well, maybe after the holiday break, I will try out this idea with our principal and see what she says.  Until then however . . .

The children may visit our classroom observatory, 

lie down on the blankets, 

and gaze up at the stars and planets (which of course, glow in the dark!)

They might even spy Ursa Major!  

Whoops, don't forget to close the curtains, so it will be nice and dark in there!

Okay, now close the other side, 

and you're ready for star gazing.


Coming soon:  More outer space activities 
  • constellations on a light brite, 
  • Waldorf kite stars, 
  • painting planets, and 
  • Earth necklaces

Until then, Happy Star Gazing!  : )


  1. Cool! Like the idea a lot!
    We are lucky enough to have minimal light pollution, so we really enjoy stargazing when the sky is clear - from our own balcony!

  2. I'll be right over to join you! : )


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