28 November, 2010

A creche for the classroom

I have been thinking I would like to have a creche in the classroom.  I do work at a Catholic school, after all.  Honestly however, that wish has taken a back seat to more pressing matters (like our Thanksgiving Feast!)  Now that December is almost here, I found my wish for a creche had moved very quickly to the front burner!

We have a lovely creche at home that my own children play with, but I couldn't think what to use in the classroom . . .


After polling a group of lovely online friends and surveying their responses, I decided that my best bet (due to time and money constraints) would be to make my own creche.  My students may be a bit weary of wooden peg people, but I found them to be the perfect medium for this project!  I used acrylic paints on them, and some wool roving for Jesus' swaddling clothes.  So, without further ado, here is my classroom creche!

Oh, I guess there is a bit more ado.

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures below (because of the flash), but I painted all the people with the skin colors they might have had.  So Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the angel, the shepherds, and one of the kings have medium to dark toned skin.  I used a more "caucasian" color of flesh paint, and then I mixed in some darker colors until I thought it looked right.  The other two kings have a warm brownish and a lighter toned skin.  (I was wondering if they might have come from somewhere in Africa and Asia.)

Okay, so now here it is . . .

Mary and Joseph,

a couple of shepherds, 

the angel of the Lord,

the three kings,

and the baby Jesus (in his swaddling clothes),

and out of them (he might have to have his diaper changed after all)

and in them again, in his manger.

Here is the whole kit and kaboodle!

So bring it on, December!  I am ready!  Well, not really, but at least this one project is finished!  : )

What do you think?  If you celebrate Christmas, what kind of a nativity/creche set do you use with your children?  Leave a comment with a link if you have some pictures!  Thanks!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a great idea and you did a beautiful job painting them. I am a speech language pathologist Catholic homeschooler with 5 children under age ten. This has me inspired to do my own! I am your newest follower! come by and say hello! www.wonderlandhomeschool.blogspot.com

  2. Karen, these are beautiful! May I ask, where did you find your peg people? This looks like a great activity for older children to create on their own. I prefer not to buy the craft "kits." Your beautiful examples mean I don't have to...I just need some suggestions on where to find the "peg people," along with a little basket of acrylic paint and my almost 9 year old will be happy to create a set, along with some three part cards for my 7 year old! Thank you so much!

  3. I love, love, love this creche and will be rushing out to Joanns or Hobby Lobby for more peg people. I recently made a toy for J-jo and a St Lucia and St Nicholas figure for Bear using the pegs.

  4. Um.....so bloglifting.

  5. Oh, how did I miss THIS?????????? So beautiful and inspiring and.... and...and... beautiful :)

  6. WOW! How beautiful! I haven't found those pegs around here. But they sure are something my kids would love. Hum, I think I love it more... Thank you for sharing.


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